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German Tutors/LLAs

Our Current German Tutors/LLAs Heading link

Dani, German Peer Tutor

Hallo!  I’m a junior and English literature major— who’s looking into picking up a German minor or double major! I live with my two cats and am super into the diy goth scene. Goth is one of the reasons I got into German, with Berlin being a hub for the subculture— and I found other parts of the German language and culture to love! I have listening comprehension problems so I totally understand being baffled by learning a new language and am excited to share my tips and tricks. I chose to be a peer tutor because I want to be a professor one day, and I wanted a fun way to practice my own language skills— plus I understand what it’s like to feel swamped with other studies and needing to find unique ways to practice and study. I’m excited to help y’all love this beautiful and complicated language!

Dani  |  German Peer Tutor
John, German Peer Tutor

I’m majoring in Germanic Studies and Accounting. I’ve been learning German since high school, and it’s been a fascinating, exciting journey I’ve come to greatly benefit from. For instance, now I’m able to better enjoy interesting German culture and media like songs, shows, and literature. I hope to help foster a similar love for language learning in my fellow students, and to share tips for learning German. I spent three months in Bavaria, and it was a wonderful experience using German in my day-to-day life. Eventually I wish to perhaps combine my German and Accounting knowledge working in international business.

John  |  German Peer Tutor
Kai, German Peer Tutor

Hallo!  I am a third year majoring in Biology with a minor in German Language.  I am from Jerseyville, Illinois and I currently live on campus in the dorms.  Being a Biology major and part of the rugby club here at UIC. I know how hard it can be to find the time to practice your language skills. I would love to share any study tips and help you to better use your time! I am excited to help German students develop their skills while also working on my own language skills!

Kai  |  German Peer Tutor

Our Former German Tutors/LLAs Heading link

Alex, German Peer Tutor

Hallo! I am a junior pursuing a double degree in Germanic Studies and Public Policy with a minor in Criminology, Law, and Justice. I am from Columbus, Ohio but I currently live on campus in the dorms. I am so excited to be back on campus! I learned German as a child but didn’t study it in school, so my language skills were basic “child-speak”. For the last few years, I have been working on strengthening my language skills. So, I understand what it is like to be constantly working on grammar and vocabulary memorization. I am excited to share the tips I have and to further my German skills alongside other German students!

Alex  |  German Peer Tutor
Emma, German Peer Tutor

Guten Tag! I am a Junior with a Germanic Studies major and an Art History minor. I am from the suburbs outside of Chicago right near the Naperville area. Being a commuter student as well as being a student in the Honors College, I understand what it’s like to have a packed schedule. However, German and language learning is one of the things that brings me joy! I started learning German in high school and have fallen in love with it since then. Having taken German at the 104 level at UIC, I’ve been able to learn many different ways to refine my German, such as tricks to keep track of the grammar rules and vocabulary. I look forward to sharing my tips with others as well as sharing the fun that German language can bring!

Emma  |  German Peer Tutor (she/her/hers)
Evan, German Peer Tutor

“I am a transfer student and Sociology major in my senior year. I have been studying German formally and informally for about four years. I live on my own and support myself while in school. I know how challenging juggling hobbies, jobs, and school can be, so I’m focused on fostering an environment that’s stress-free and conducive to learning. In my free time, I enjoy learning about history, psychology, anthropology, and linguistics among many other things. I know German can seem like a challenge, but I absolutely love it and have a passion for the language and the culture. So I’m here to support you on your linguistic journey!”

Evan  |  German Peer Tutor
Gabriela, German Peer Tutor

I’m a Biology major. I would love to pass my passion and dedication for German on to other UIC students. I want to focus on helping other students that have different learning methods. After high school I took a gap year and lived in Germany, as an exchange student, where I became fascinated with the culture and the language.”

Gabriela  |  German Peer Tutor
Ian, German Peer Tutor

I’m a transfer student and a senior. I attended College of DuPage for three years and I got my Associate’s Degree there. I started learning German in high school and I fell in love with the language immediately and I got super passionate about learning it. The reason why I decided to learn German was because I was influenced from an early age by German culture. I felt like I lacked culture before learning German and now I feel like I have a culture that I can connect with. I am interested in peer tutoring to help people who may be struggling in German and to encourage them in the process. Learning a foreign language can be challenging, but it’s also very rewarding and useful in our globalized world. 

Ian  |  German Peer Tutor
Ivana, German Peer Tutor

“I am majoring in Computer Science and this is my senior year. I love my major, and I am also interested in German. I love its grammar and I enjoy speaking it. Like all of you, I am also learning new vocab and/or new grammar every day, so I also know how tough or scary new language classes can be, but tutoring can be very helpful. Anytime you need help, don’t hesitate to come to the tutoring sessions and ask any questions! We are here to help!”

Ivana  |  German Peer Tutor
Jordan, German Peer Tutor

I am double majoring in Business (Marketing) and Germanic Studies. I am from Wisconsin, I live on campus and have been studying German for about 9 years. I strengthened my German a lot by participating in an exchange in high school where we spent a lot of our time in Fulda, a town near Frankfurt, Germany. Study abroad caused me to speak German constantly and really grasp the language even more. Outside of German I am interested in Music and the Arts. I really look forward to sharing my tips on how to be a successful German speaker.

Jordan  |  German Peer Tutor
Kaleb, German Peer Tutor

Hallo! I’m a fourth year anthropology major and a transfer student from Oakton Community College. I began learning German in high school where I developed a passion for both the language and culture. I know how hard it can be to balance learning a language with work, family, other classes, commuting, and everything else life throws at us. I hope that through tutoring I can help make language learning easier for my fellow German students. German is a fascinating language and a fun language to learn. I look forward to helping students develop their German skills and love for the language.

Kaleb  |  German Peer Tutor
Karen, German Peer Tutor

“It is important to me to help other students like me that are in a place where I once was. I am very interested in helping students achieve their goals to succeed in German courses and to continue their studies at UIC.”

Karen  |  German Peer Tutor
Kelsi, German Peer Tutor

“German is a huge part of my life. I was lucky enough to learn German while studying in Austria in high school. Thanks to that year, I have a deep love and respect for the German-speaking cultures and for the complexities of the language. I want to spread this appreciation for German to the best of my ability while tutoring here at UIC.

Kelsi  |  German Peer Tutor
Lily, German Peer Tutor

“I started at UIC with a major in Biological Sciences, and to fulfill my LAS language requirement, I took German. I fell in love with it within the first week of German 101, and by German 102, I was a Germanic Studies major. My main goal of being a tutor is to share my passion about German.

Lily  |  German Peer Tutor
Nate, German Peer Tutor

Guten Tag! My name is Nate and I am pursuing a dual degree in the Teaching of History, as well as Germanic Studies, in my fourth year here at UIC. I began to learn German in high school but did not finish with German 104 until my first semester here. In my personal experience, I have always grown in my language abilities after a tutoring session and I would absolutely love to help other peers succeed in the way I have.

Nate  |  German Peer Tutor
Paola, German Peer Tutor

Hallo! I am a computer science major in my third year at UIC. I used to live on campus at JST and later TBH, but now I am living back home due to the pandemic. I fell in love with German in high school and think it’s an amazing language to learn. I started with GER 102 at UIC and am familiar with the textbooks and curriculum of the courses. As Spanish is my first language, I have experience in the difficulties of learning a different language and picked up tips to help along the way. I hope to help other students enjoy the language as much as I do and show that learning a different language can be really fun!

Paola  |  German Peer Tutor