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Become a Tutor or Language Learning Assistant

FR 296: Language Peer Tutoring Apprenticeship. Taught in English. Wednesdays from 12 to 12:50. You'll get training and hands-on experience to become a peer tutor or language learning assistant for arabic, spanish, french, german, and italian 100-level classes.

See below for more info and a link to the application form.

1) In order to become a peer tutor you must take the Peer Tutoring Apprenticeship class aka FR296. This is a one-credit course taught in English and is offered every semester.  You’ll have the hands-on training to become a Language Learning Assistant and a Peer Tutor in Arabic, Spanish, French, German, and Italian 100-level classes.  Find out more about Language Learning Assistants here.

  • Apply to be approved to register for FR296. This application is due Friday, April 26, 2024. More information about class times and requirements is on the form.

2) In order to become a peer tutor, there are also a few prerequisites, these include:

  • an Undergraduate at UIC with any major who has completed a 104 or higher French, German, Italian, or Spanish at UIC with a grade of B or above
  • OR a transfer student who has completed a 104 class or higher in the language you plan to tutor
  • *Arabic students only: recommended by professor.
  • For heritage Spanish speakers: 114 or higher

I’ve completed the apprenticeship, now what?!

3) Now you can work for the LCLC! After completing the Peer Tutoring Apprenticeship, students are eligible to:

  • Become paid tutors OR Language Learning Assistants (LLA)
  • Take part in a tutoring internship
  • Become a volunteer tutor

Interested? Apply to be a Peer Tutor or LLA!

See what inspired other students to become LCLC peer tutors: Heading link

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