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Arabic Tutors/LLAs

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Ghina, Arabic LLA

Marhaban! I am Ghina, a third-year student majoring in Biology and minoring in Arabic. Arabic has been a part of my life since childhood, I learned Arabic in Syria and Jordan. After moving to the United States, my focus shifted to learning English, and Arabic became a language spoken only at home. However, during my first semester at UIC, I rediscovered my love for this language, leading me to decide to minor in it. Now, after joining this program I am aiming  to support students in their learning journey. Learning a new language, especially one with a unique cultural background like Arabic, can be challenging. I want to be a resource of help for the students, and I also want to ensure that they are having a fun and enjoyable experience along the way.

Ghina  |  Arabic LLA

Our Former Arabic Tutors/LLAs Heading link

Fatima, Arabic LLA

Marhaba! I am a sophomore majoring in Computer Science and minoring in Arabic. I am a first-generation college student and commuter to UIC. I grew up in an Arabic-speaking household and learnt English more formally when I started school. From a young age, I have been studying Standard Arabic and since middle school I have been learning French. Now, I’m studying Arabic at UIC to better understand Arabic media and knowledge; and it has helped me with my own dialect as well! I also have been learning programming languages over the past few years, so I have lots of experience learning all kinds of different grammars, alphabets, and ways of thinking! I remember how it is to begin studying a language, and staying motivated to stick to it, so I hope my study habits and experiences can help you as well and make learning Arabic easier and clearer!

Fatima  |  Arabic LLA
Iman, Arabic LLA

Hi, I am majoring in Applied Psychology with a double minor in Communication and Arabic. I graduated from Moraine Valley Community College and transferred to UIC and I am currently in my third year. I live in the south suburbs of Chicago and live with my family. My commute to UIC is about an hour depending on how nice the traffic is to me that day. I am the only one in my family who has a degree higher than high school and hopefully will be the first one to obtain a Bachelor’s degree. I also was able to take advantage of the Writing Center and I hope I can give a little back by helping other students enjoy Arabic classes.

Iman  |  Arabic LLA
Haneen, Arabic LLA

Ahlan! I am a junior majoring in Chemistry with a minor in Arabic. I live in the Northwest suburbs so I understand the struggle of trying to get help while being a commuter. My parents are immigrants from Jordan, and Arabic has been the main language spoken in my home for as long as I can remember. I love the beauty and complexity of the Arabic language and I can’t wait to share it with you! 

Haneen  |  Arabic LLA
Maggie, Arabic LLA

Hello everyone! I am a senior majoring in Biochemistry and my main interests are natural drug discovery and research.  I work in a microbiology lab on the west campus. I am an only child and a first-generation student. I was born in America but was raised in Palestine for 10 years, so Arabic is my second language. I understand how hard the Arabic language is, especially when it comes to grammar. I also took Arabic 104, so I know the professor and her technique in teaching. I look forward to being able to assist you and help with any challenges you might have.

Maggie  |  Arabic LLA
Mustafa, Arabic LLA

Ya Hala! I am Mustafa, a senior immersing myself in the fields of CS and Linguistics at UIC. I’m fueled by my fascination with the intricacies of Arabic, which I consider not just a study but an art. Balancing academics and a one-hour commute from the west suburbs of Chicago as a full-time student, I understand the hustle firsthand. Living with my family, I proudly wear the hats of a multilingual speaker (Arabic, Urdu, and English) and a transfer student from COD (College of DuPage). Beyond campus, I dedicate my time where it matters, making each academic endeavor purposeful. I have a unique perspective, having grown up in Saudi Arabia as a Pakistani. I learned Saudi Arabic at school, and within my family, I speak Arabic exclusively with my siblings. With this background, combined with my extensive experience studying Standard Arabic since elementary school, I aim to bring a rich and diverse understanding of various Arabic dialects, grammar, and alphabets. Based on my experience I hope I can assist you in Arabic so we can learn and support each other’s unique linguistic journeys at UIC!

Mustafa  |  Arabic LLA
Salmah, Arabic LLA

Hello everyone! I am a second year English major with an Arabic minor so I can better understand the vast discussions on Islamic thought and ongoing research in the language. I am currently a 103 student with Dr. Babiker so I am very involved with the content from recent semesters. As a non-native speaker, I know the challenges that can come with choosing to study a language as variable as Arabic. I have had many positive experiences with peer tutors in my other classes, so I look forward to helping however I can in your Arabic classes. Let’s improve our understanding of this incredible language together!

Salmah  |  Arabic LLA
Tesneem, Arabic LLA

Marhaba! My name is Tesneem, and I’m a senior on the pre-health track majoring in Criminology, Law, and Justice while attaining a minor in Psychology. Currently, I am working part-time as a medical assistant while being a full-time student here at UIC. I was born and raised in America however, Arabic is my first language and is the language mainly spoken at home. Growing up, I would visit my homeland Syria during the summer and attend school there while also attending Arabic school full-time in America. Arabic is a beautifully vast language and no doubt a challenging language to learn, so I understand the struggles that come with attempting to learn the Arabic language. However, once you get the basics down, you will slowly get the hang of it, and we are here to help you with that!

Tesneem  |  Arabic LLA
Zahra, Arabic LLA

Marhaba! I am a senior majoring in Neuroscience, minoring in Public Health, and on the pre-medical track. UIC’s Arabic curriculum was my first true academic introduction to the language since I am neither a native speaker nor did I learn at a school prior to UIC, so I know what it feels like to be a completely beginner speaker. However, with the help of my professor and my peers, I was able to successfully complete the Arabic courses here and now hope to share some of my journey and my experiences as a non-native speaker in the UIC Arabic-speaking community.

Zahra  |  Arabic LLA