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About Peer Tutors and Language Learning Assistants (LLAs)

WE ARE: Current UIC Arabic, French, German, Italian, and Spanish students who love languages. Heading link

Spanish tutor Lisbeth works with a student in Grant Hall

We know what your UIC language classes are like, and we can help you figure out how to enjoy them and do well.

As UIC language students ourselves, we aim to…

  • Share learning strategies that have worked for us
  • Help you develop problem-solving skills that help in language classes and beyond
  • Be a helpful resource both in and out of the classroom
  • Provide another way for you to connect with your instructor
  • Show you that learning languages at UIC can be really fun!

WHAT WE DO: support fellow students’ efforts to learn, explore, and enjoy the language classes they take and the cultures they study. We do this by… Heading link

Italian LLA Cynthia works with students in the classroom
  • Offering FREE drop-in help hours for students in 100-level language courses: homework help, conversation practice, exam prep, etc.
  • Visiting class sessions to participate in group work and answer grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation questions
  • Preparing and leading review sessions for written and oral exams
  • Encouraging students to engage with culture and history by sharing music, movies, news, learning tips, cultural facts, and much, much more

Watch an online drop-in session! Heading link