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5.7.2021 – Mayra writes about ají peppers

a white plate with potatoes, meat, a salad and ají

Aji is a red/yellow chilli pepper commonly used in Latin America. It is a very popular condiment in Ecuador where it is used in the form of a salsa. Its recipe varies by region, but it typically is made with tomate de arbol (tree tomato) and is eaten with a typical Ecuadorian dish that consists of roast pig accompanied by llapingacho (potato patty) and mote (hominy). Its color and consistency is usually orange and is considered to be not as spicy as other spicy condiments. This is because when it is being made into the form of a salsa, the seeds are removed from the chilli pepper. The chilli pepper itself can be conserved for up to three months and can even be consumed in its dry form. Aside from its savory taste, it is known to have nutritional value since it has calcium. Fun fact: “Uchu” means aji in Quechua, an indigenous language found in many parts of the Andes including Ecuador.

Learn more here (video in Spanish).