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5.7.2021 – Mayra reviews the Spanish film “In Family I Trust”

Netflix poster of main character Bea

In the film, In Family I Trust (Gente que viene y bah, 2019), a Spanish film directed by Patricia Font, the most interesting part is an important realization the protagonist undergoes towards the end of the film. Bea is a young Spanish architect from Barcelona who, in addition to attempting to get her projects promoted, aspires to build things that hold sentimental value to her, including a childhood treehouse. This later becomes the key focus since it is then seen how such values affect the decisions she makes at the end of the film. From the beginning, it is seen how Bea dedicates a lot of her time and effort into her work, despite little recognition from her bosses. It’s obvious that Bea is not fully content, but she seems happy with her fiancé Victor.

However, things get worse for Bea when she finds out that Victor is having an affair. Not only is her romantic life falling apart, she is also fired from her job after causing a scene in front of her boss when confronting Victor. Here, she realizes she needs some time off to figure out what to do next and decides to leave Barcelona to be with her family. Something to note here is that, the film shows how when Bea is in distress her hair begins to fall out, this is seen to occur again towards the end of the film.

As Bea tries to push aside the heartbreak she is undergoing, her mom reveals that she is sick. A majority part of the film is then focused on Bea and her siblings trying to deal with their regular lives while also spending as much time as possible with their mother. It is during this time that there is a shift in Bea’s life when she decides to become a tree-house architect. There’s also a turn in her romantic life when she meets Diego, the owner of the town’s biomass company. Clearly, Bea is undergoing a significant amount of stress but despite this, she is the one to try to keep the family together and strong, something that didn’t seem like one of her strengths in the beginning of the movie.

This film is a romantic comedy with an emotional aspect to it. The plot of this film revolves around the life events Bea undergoes beginning with Victor’s affair, but it also shifts to her personal and professional transformation, as she begins to find her true passions and aspirations that she once sought to fulfill as a kid in wanting to become an architect. When she meets Diego whom she develops a romantic relationship with, she learns that her goals are challenging but she believes she can accomplish them. She starts to feel content again despite the current situation her family is undergoing.

This film has a lot of events, and can feel like a “rollercoaster ride” but it also includes a happy ending where the protagonist demonstrates a lot of growth and change that can also be interpreted as defying the norm which she does by leaving Victor and working on personal projects. There is a strong message that sometimes it is necessary to go out of one’s own comfort zone in order to explore other opportunities. Overall, I think this film offers a very heartwarming story, one that is filled with a lot of lessons the audience can interpret in various ways and learn from as well.