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4.21.2021 – Valeria writes about Zacatecas

Pictures of Zacatecas: Catedral Basilica de Zacatecas, Ruins of Chicomostoc

Zacatecas: My Home State is Internationally Recognized

I have so many happy memories of traveling all over Zacatecas, Mexico, my home state, with my family. Growing up my family and I would constantly visit the Ruins of Chicomostoc, an archeological site located in the municipality of La Quemada where it is believed the Mexica people made a temporary stop on their journey to Tenochtitlán. We would climb the ruins of the main pyramid there. Just two years ago, on our trip to Mexico we decided to visit the site again. We had completely forgotten about how exhausting of an exercise walking around and climbing the ruins was, so with our terrible physical condition we ended up extremely tired. This summer we are hoping to travel again, and number one in our list of places to visit is for sure, the Ruins of Chicomostoc.

As a native to the state of Zacatecas, nothing makes me more proud than to see my beloved state and its cultural heritage and history be recognized at an international level. So I was really happy to hear that it was named American Capital of Culture 2021.The American Capital of Culture is a non-governmental organization recognized by the International Bureau of Cultural Capitals and whose purpose is to bring to light the immense diversity of cultures and people’s customs throughout the American continent.

Founded in 1588, Zacatecas still preserves its Baroque and Churrigueresque – a style similar to Baroque that incorporates architectural ornaments – infrastructure from Colonial times. Many of Zacatecas’s monuments are internationally recognized for these particular styles of architecture. Among them is its main Cathedral: Catedral Basílica de Zacatecas, voted by citizens as the first Treasure of the Cultural Heritage of Zacatecas.

Upon receiving the recognition, the state of Zacatecas has been putting great effort in the promotion of their cultural festivals and ceremonies as well as their most recognized tourist attractions. Among the most recognized festivals are the Zacatecas Festival of International Folklore, celebrated between July and August, that attracts tourists, international dancers and cultural ambassadors from all over the world.

You can read more about Zacatecas (in Spanish) here.