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2.6.2020 – Anye on cultural awareness


Spanish is the second most common spoken language throughout the world. I’ve chosen to become a Spanish Peer Tutor because I want to be able to study, practice, and expand other students’ and my own knowledge of the Spanish language and its diverse culture. Being a Spanish peer tutor is an opportunity to broaden my own knowledge of the Spanish language, to broaden my cultural awareness, to broaden the cultural awareness of others, and to connect with other UIC students in order to continue the narrative of emphasizing the similarities instead of the differences between our cultures.

In my future career, as a clinical psychologist, I could be doing a disservice to those whom I serve without cultural awareness and the ability to communicate effectively. I seek to be of service to as many groups of people as I possibly can regardless of ethnicity, language barriers, cultural barriers, and lifestyle choices. Spanish peer tutoring is one way to do that now at UIC.

– Anye