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12.4.2020- Juan Reflects on His Experience as a Spanish Peer Tutor

Juan Blog

My time here working as a Spanish tutor for the Language and Cultural Learning Center (LCLC) has been an unforgettable experience. When I first applied to the apprenticeship program I had no idea what to expect. At first, I was discouraged from applying because in my mind I didn’t think I was good enough to be tutoring Spanish. However, my time here at LCLC has helped me boost my confidence and has helped me feel more comfortable. Tutoring was something that I didn’t see myself doing here at UIC or in general. I felt like it was a moral obligation to try and help others. Tutoring is very important and different from a typical classroom setting. This is a one-on-one learning experience that the students wouldn’t normally get during class time. During a tutoring session the goal is to make the students feel comfortable and help them understand the given concept. I understand how overwhelming it can be to visit a professor when it comes to asking for help.

Now that I am reflecting on my experience I have to say that tutoring has reinforced my communication and leadership skills. The ability to adapt to certain situations and to not only meet my needs but those of the student as well. This set of skills is important to any profession, whether it involves teaching or not. I highly encourage other language students to consider tutoring with LCLC.