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11.6.2019 – First Day On The Job


Today I had my first German client come in! She was concerned about her essay corrections she needed to do for a film review, so we went over each correction individually and worked out not only what it should be, but why it should be. We had her essay corrected after a short 20 minutes; she went off to her next class and expressed that she appreciated the help.

After this, my first experience actually being a tutor and helping someone else, all I can say is I’m exhilarated for the next opportunity I have to work one on one with someone. German is a beautiful, complex language – I once heard it described as “a bit challenging to learn, even more challenging to master.” This is true, but it doesn’t mean the challenge has to be something painful or dreadful.

Language learning, in my opinion, should be something to be looked forward to. My mindset with German when I was in the BLP was, “I get to go to class today.” While I know not everyone will see German, or any other language, as something they get to do versus something they have to do, the more we can usher students towards thinking that learning a new language is something fun, not something they necessarily have to be frustrated about.

Even though I’m done with the German BLP, I continue to take German classes. It’s become an important part of my life – it’s comforting to me. I know that during the week, I have a class I can look forward to, no matter what else I may be going through. I hope with tutoring, I can help students in the BLP to start looking forward to German. Language can bring joy!