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11.18.2020- Laurie Introduces the French Speaking Countries of the World

French: Where is it spoken?

French is the second most spoken language in the world after English. If you count the flags on the picture, you will see that French is spoken in 29 countries. It’s the only official language for 13 of these countries,  and is the co-official language of the 16 remaining ones. It’s absolutely fascinating to learn about interesting facts about the cuisine, the traditions, the natural resources, the history, and the overall culture of each country as they are all very unique.

During the last two weeks, I searched through the internet and found some interesting facts about each of these “francophone” (French-speaking) countries to educate myself on the diversity of the French-speaking world. Now, I would like to share these facts with you all. For example, did you know that Equatorial Guinea has had the same president since 1979? Or that France has several overseas departments and regions under its sovereignty outside of Europe? Or that Haiti was the first country in the western hemisphere to gain its independence and abolish slavery, in 1804? If you want to read more about those all the French-speaking countries, check out LCLC Peer Tutoring Instagram (@lclc_peer_tutoring)!