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02.09.2021 – Laurie recommends Case Départ movie

Case Depart film poster

Case Départ is a comedy/fantasy about sibling rivalry and slavery. That doesn’t sound very funny, but it really is! In this 2011 French film, Régis (Fabrice Eboué) is métisse (mixed race), has a wife and kids and he has a stable job in a bourgeois town in France. Joël (Thomas Ngijol) on the other hand is black and is facing many challenges in his life. He just got out of prison, lives with his daughter at his mother’s house, and doesn’t have a job. These half-brothers see each other for the first time in a while at the airport after receiving the news that their father, who fathered many children in his life, is on his deathbed in the Caribbean.

When they arrive, their father has already died, and all they inherited is something they think is useless, un acte d’affranchissement (an act of emancipation) that freed their slave ancestors. They tear it apart because they were hoping to get something with more value such as money or maybe properties. Their aunt who sees them destroying this important document casts a spell on them and sends them back to the 18th century, where they are sold as slaves and treated like their ancestors were treated. To get back to the present, they have to work on plantations, survive in this past century, and most importantly they have to earn back the act of emancipation. It is a funny movie that I recommend to all of you!

Link to watch the movie for free: Case Départ on YouTube