Quickly and easily collect video responses

Recap (https://letsrecap.com/) is a free web- and mobile-based tool that allows teachers to easily collect video responses from students. With Recap, you simply ask a question (or several questions) via text or video, select a time limit for the response video (up to 2 minutes), and assign it to your class. Students join your class via a PIN and can sign in with Google. Students record their video directly in Recap (using a webcam or mobile device) and it’s automatically added to your class dashboard for your review. When you give feedback, students are notified automatically by email.

You can also add a self-assessment at the end of your Recap assignment for students to tell you how they think they did. This makes it a great tool for checking student pronunciation, vocabulary, and general speaking ability. Other possible instructional uses might include collecting student responses to course material like readings and videos, or having students explain new grammatical concepts (in English) in their own terms to demonstrate comprehension.

Because Recap focuses on speaking and not writing, it can be a great tool for helping students who may have trouble with spelling and written grammar feel more confident expressing themselves.