Meet Our Tutors

We offer tutoring for BLP students in French, German, Italian, and (starting October 9) Spanish.

Fall 2019 French Tutors:

Nada, French Peer Tutor

“I’m passionate about French and I want to make other students enjoy it and have a passion for it too.”

Nada  |  French Peer Tutor
Natz, French Peer Tutor

I am currently a Business Major. I am trilingual since I am a native Spanish speaker, which has helped me accumulate several skills that I hope to share with French students at UIC. I am here to help you to the best of my ability, so drop by!”

Natz  |  French Peer Tutor

Fall 2019 German Tutors:

Gabriela, German Peer Tutor

I’m a Biology major. I would love to pass my passion and dedication for German on to other UIC students. I want to focus on helping other students that have different learning methods. After high school I took a gap year and lived in Germany, as an exchange student, where I became fascinated with the culture and the language.”

Gabriela  |  German Peer Tutor

Fall 2019 Italian Tutors:

Angela, Italian Peer Tutor

I am a Biology major with an Italian minor. There is a connection between Biology and Italian — lots of Italian scientists paved the way in their fields, and there are some species whose names are derived from the Italian language. I look forward to sharing my passion for the Italian language with my peers.

Angela  |  Italian Peer Tutor
Ariana, Italian Peer Tutor

“I have a minor in both Spanish and Italian so I understand very well the struggles that come along with learning additional languages. I want to help my fellow Italian students overcome the same problems I’ve faced.”

Ariana  |  Italian Peer Tutor

Our former Spring 2019 Tutors:

Angel, French Peer Tutor

I’m a Biology major with a Mathematics minor. However, French allows me to express myself in certain ways that I wouldn’t have in English or in Spanish (my native tongue). It’s almost like I’m a different person. French has allowed me to gain insight into other people’s viewpoints and concerns from the roots of the Ancien Régime to the current Yellow Vest movement. To learn French is to become a citizen of the world.”

Angel  |  French Peer Tutor
Brian, French Peer Tutor

“I am a Psychology Major. I love working with all sorts of people. The experiences I had abroad increased my knowledge on French culture and understanding of the region. I cannot wait to help show others why I love French, and hope they will see the joys of the language!

Brian  |  French Peer Tutor
Charlotte, French Peer Tutor

“For me, French has been a gateway into better understanding world history, culture, linguistics, allowing me to see the world as interconnected and complex. Since I began studying French, I have grown in appreciation and respect for those who undertake learning a foreign language, as it is an ongoing process. I am ready to share my personal passion for language learning with UIC BLP students.”

Charlotte  |  French Peer Tutor
Crystal, French Peer Tutor

“I have been fortunate enough to have French teachers encourage me to learn more and get me excited to study French, and I want to be that person for someone else.”

Crystal  |  French Peer Tutor
Enrique, French Peer Tutor

“I am double majoring in French and Applied Psychology. French is my passion, I love every aspect of the culture, especially music. Being a native speaker of English and Spanish helps me to understand and develop my skills in French. I am here to help, to support and share my passion with UIC BLP students.

Enrique  |  French Peer Tutor
Nicole, French Peer Tutor

“I am a Neuroscience major and have had a passion for the French language and culture since I was really young. Learning French gave me the opportunity to branch out of the culture that I had grown up with. I look forward to working with my peers to make learning French less frustrating and more fun and rewarding!”

Nicole  |  French Peer Tutor
Rodrigo, French Peer Tutor

“I am a History major and I have been studying French ever since high school. I always enjoyed learning new languages and applying them to everyday interactions. I want to become a teacher after I graduate so this is the perfect opportunity for me to share my experience with students who struggle with the material.

Rodrigo  |  French Peer Tutor
Yovana, French Peer Tutor

“I want to let other UIC students know they can achieve anything they set their minds to.”

Yovana  |  French Peer Tutor
Karen, German Peer Tutor

“It is important to me to help other students like me that are in a place where I once was. I am very interested in helping students achieve their goals to succeed in German courses and to continue their studies at UIC.”

Karen  |  German Peer Tutor
Kelsi, German Peer Tutor

“German is a huge part of my life. I was lucky enough to learn German while studying in Austria in high school. Thanks to that year, I have a deep love and respect for the German-speaking cultures and for the complexities of the language. I want to spread this appreciation for German to the best of my ability while tutoring here at UIC.

Kelsi  |  German Peer Tutor
Marina, Italian Peer Tutor

I am working toward a Neuroscience major and an Italian minor. I have always been interested in learning about different cultures and languages. I hope to share the experience of learning Italian language and culture with my peers in Italian BLP classes.”

Marina  |  Italian Peer Tutor
Teodora, Italian Peer Tutor

“Being a native speaker of another romance language, I realized that while Italian grammar and language structure come rather easy to me, this might not be the case for some of my peers. Therefore, I feel that I can provide support and additional help for UIC Italian students.”

Teodora  |  Italian Peer Tutor
Valentina, Italian Peer Tutor

“Coming to the United States I noticed a lot of my peers struggling with finding the best approach when it comes to learning a foreign language and I am happy to have the opportunity to show UIC students some different techniques and approaches to mastering Italian.”

Valentina  |  Italian Peer Tutor