Tutoring FAQ

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If I’m in a 100-level class, can I go to peer tutoring to practice my speaking skills?

Absolutely! You are the intended student for Peer Tutoring and can use peer tutoring for a wide variety of practice, including conversation!


I am not a 100-level student. Can I use peer tutoring?

Unfortunately, if you are not a 100-104 level language student at UIC (in German, Spanish, Italian, and French), you may not use our Language Peer Tutoring.


Is there any in-person tutoring?

Until further notice, there is no in-person peer tutoring. All tutoring session take place online via BlackBoard Collaborate. Please see the tutoring schedule page to access an online session for your language!


How long do peer tutoring session last?

Normally, you may be limited to a 20-minute time slot if there is another student waiting. If there are no waiting students, however, you may take as long as the peer tutoring session lasts.


Do I need to sign-up for a tutoring session?

Nope. You do not sign-up for peer tutoring. You just drop in during any open session. See the tutoring schedule page here and click you desired language to join a session.


Can I only join a tutoring session if I have questions on homework?

Nope. Although taking your questions about homework to a tutoring session is fantastic, you can practice a lot of other skills in peer tutoring. You can attend peer tutoring to practice your conversation skills, practice pronunciation, re-explore topics from class that seemed unclear, discuss tools for language learning, and visit any other help you might need in your language class


What do I have to do to become a peer tutor?

We are happy that you are interested in becoming a peer tutor! To become a peer tutor, you have to meet certain requirements. See the Become a Peer Tutor page for requirements and to access the application.

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