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Fall 2020 Spanish Tutors

Asad, Spanish Peer Tutor

I am a senior here at UIC. I am a first-generation college student majoring in Neuroscience. As a commuter, I understand how rough the adjustment to college life can be, and I am still constantly re-adjusting myself to the demands of a rigorous course load. I began in the BLP myself, starting in Spanish 101. I never thought I would love learning Spanish, to the point where I am currently taking a grammar writing course to strengthen my Spanish acquisition skills. I am so lucky that I have had amazing instructors who truly care about each of their students in the language program and guide students in their educational journeys. I hope to do this as well, by being a tutoring resource for other students in their quest to receive a more rewarding and personalized education.

Asad  |  Spanish Peer Tutor
Celeste, Spanish Peer Tutor

I am a teaching of Spanish major here at UIC. As a freshman, I was not sure what I wanted to major in. I took a foreign language class as a requirement for the college of LAS. I decided to pick Spanish to fill my requirement because it was a language they meant a lot to me. It was the language my parents practiced at home and the language I used to communicate with my community. As I went on with the semester I noticed I love learning about the language! I realized that there is so much to learn, and that practice only makes perfect. I hope to learn and practice more with you, in order to reach our end goals together!

Celeste  |  Spanish Peer Tutor
Ella, Spanish Peer Tutor

“I’ve been studying Spanish for about 12 years now and absolutely love learning more about the language and the many cultures of its speakers. I am a Spanish minor with a focus in health professions. Growing up in a Filipino-American household, I know what it’s like to have to learn a completely new language that isn’t spoken in my family, so I can share all types of tips and tricks to pick up phrases and rules.”

Ella  |  Spanish Peer Tutor
Juan, Spanish Peer Tutor

I’m currently double majoring in Criminal Law and Justice (CLJ) and Spanish. As a native speaker, I’ve always felt confident in my Spanish. However, that completely changed when I was required to take it as a language requirement. It was through these Spanish classes that I learned that there was still so much to learn. As a peer tutor, I hope to share my experience and also learn a thing or two from other students.

Juan  |  Spanish Peer Tutor
Lucia, Spanish Peer Tutor

“I am a first-generation college student majoring in Teaching of Spanish with a minor in Public Policy. I am looking forward to starting my career as a Spanish teacher in the near future! Spanish is my first language and I learned English as a second language. Learning a second language can be difficult. I found that learning a new language can be easier when there is a group of people helping you and supporting you throughout the process. As a Spanish tutor, I hope to help others with the challenges they may encounter while learning a second language.”

Lucia  |  Spanish Peer Tutor
Maria, Spanish Peer Tutor

I am a first-generation college student majoring in Criminology, Law, and Justice and minoring in Spanish. Spanish is my first language and when I first got to UIC it was hard to continue speaking Spanish fluently at home when I had most of my classes in English. Peer tutoring and Spanish classes allow me to continue to learn more about my own language and to help other students by sharing ideas and tips helpful when speaking and learning Spanish.

Maria  |  Spanish Peer Tutor
Megan, Spanish Peer Tutor

“I speak English and Spanish and I’m the first person in my family to attend college. I’ve been learning Spanish since pre-kindergarten. I want to continue Spanish and someday master it, since I’ve been learning it my whole life. I am currently taking a lot of classes along the lines of ethnic studies classes, psychology, and literature because I’m trying to find out what I want to do in life. As a peer tutor, I hope to help out students who are studying Spanish.”

Megan  |  Spanish Peer Tutor
Samie, Spanish Peer Tutor

I am a third-year Chemistry major, minoring in Spanish. On top of all of that, I am also a first-generation college student. I never intended to minor and Spanish, but I fell completely in love with the language once I started taking Spanish courses at UIC. I know that learning a new language can be very intimidating for many and I want to help students gain confidence by developing their Spanish skills. I’m very excited to share my knowledge with the UIC community and also meet new faces.

Samie  |  Spanish Peer Tutor
Valeria, Spanish Peer Tutor

I am a Teaching of Spanish major and speak Spanish fluently as it is my first language. It wasn’t until I started taking Spanish classes at High School that I found out that I was interested in learning more about my own language and helping others. I realized that when it comes to a language, you never stop learning.”

Valeria  |  Spanish Peer Tutor

Our Former Spanish Tutors

Andrea, Spanish Peer Tutor

I started taking Spanish classes my first year here at UIC just to fulfill my language requirement. However, I found out that Spanish was what I wanted to study. My major is Spanish. I am the first in my family to go to college and I hope to graduate this semester and go into translating and interpreting so I can help people who struggle with language barriers.

Andrea  |  Spanish Peer Tutor
Anye, Spanish Peer Tutor

“I started taking Spanish as a requirement and struggled with memorizing vocabulary, conjugating, and everything in between. Luckily, I had great instructors and was able to find resources to become more fluent and successful in Spanish. I decided that I wanted to help my peers who might face similar struggles.

Anye  |  Spanish Peer Tutor
Claudia, Spanish Tutor

“I am a first-generation college student. Although I am a Chicago native, I travel to Jalisco, Mexico very often, and it has become a large part of my Mexican-American identity. I currently work in sales and go to school full-time. Juggling work and academic life is a struggle but in my three years here at UIC, I have learned how to balance it all and study effectively. I hope to continue learning through my peers while serving my community here at UIC.

Claudia  |  Spanish Peer Tutor
Dylan, Spanish Peer Tutor

I am a sophomore studying Urban Education – Elementary Education with a minor in Spanish. I am a member of the UIC Dance Team and am also employed at UIC Campus Recreation so I understand managing a full course load while having a busy schedule. I commuted my Freshman year, which allowed me to work on my own time management skills. I have been studying Spanish since middle school and the language has allowed me to connect to many different individuals as well as travel to Spanish speaking countries. I hope to work with other students to understand the importance of learning a language as well as how to successfully understand the language allowing them to be successful not only in school but life.

Dylan  |  Spanish Peer Tutor
Elizabeth, Spanish Peer Tutor

I am a Criminal, Law, and Justice major. I have always enjoyed learning about different cultures. I love being bilingual because languages are each unique in their own ways. Becoming a Spanish peer tutor gives me a chance to share that passion with others. I know it can be confusing and would love to help others find comfort and fun while learning Spanish. I am a commuter and work outside of my UIC classes, and I know it can be a struggle to find time to study. I can share my own strategies with you.

Elizabeth  |  Spanish Peer Tutor
Lorena, Spanish peer Tutor

“I’m a double major in Spanish and Latin American Studies. My goal is to become a teacher, so I’m looking forward to sharing what I know and my experience with languages with other UIC students.

Lorena  |  Spanish Peer Tutor
Magdiel, Spanish Peer Tutor

I am a double major in Spanish and Psychology. I’m bilingual in English and Spanish, and also studied French in high school.”

Magdiel  |  Spanish Peer Tutor