Italian Tutors

Our Current Italian Tutors

Lainey, Italian Peer Tutor

Hello! I am a Spanish major with an Italian minor in my third year at UIC. I am the first person in my family to attend college, so I understand it can be difficult trying to figure things out on your own. I understand that new languages do not come easily to everyone, so I hope that by participating in peer tutoring, I can brush up on my own language skills as well as help you to expand yours! I have attended tutoring before myself and I want to provide a friendly face for other students who are looking for a different perspective on their coursework than what might be provided in the classroom. I look forward to seeing you in an online session!

Lainey  |  Italian Peer Tutor (she/they)

Our Former Italian Tutors

Angela, Italian Peer Tutor

I am a Biology major with an Italian minor. There is a connection between Biology and Italian – lots of Italian scientists paved the way in their fields, and there are some species whose names are derived from the Italian language. I look forward to sharing my passion for the Italian language with my peers.

Angela  |  Italian Peer Tutor
Ariana, Italian Peer Tutor

“I have a minor in both Spanish and Italian so I understand very well the struggles that come along with learning additional languages. I want to help my fellow Italian students overcome the same problems I’ve faced.”

Ariana  |  Italian Peer Tutor
Marina, Italian Peer Tutor

I am working toward a Neuroscience major and an Italian minor. I have always been interested in learning about different cultures and languages. I hope to share the experience of learning Italian language and culture with my peers in Italian BLP classes.”

Marina  |  Italian Peer Tutor
Sofiya, Italian Peer Tutor

“I am a junior here at UIC, majoring in biological sciences, minoring in Italian, and on the pre-dental track. I also speak Ukrainian, Russian, and Polish. I am part of the Pre-Dental Club at UIC and ambassador at UIC’s College of Dentistry. I started learning Italian in high school and it has been an amazing journey. I love meeting new people and learning about different cultures. I am very excited to be a peer tutor and share my tips and my own passion for learning a new language.”

Sofiya  |  Italian Peer Tutor
Teodora, Italian Peer Tutor

“Being a native speaker of another romance language, I realized that while Italian grammar and language structure come rather easy to me, this might not be the case for some of my peers. Therefore, I feel that I can provide support and additional help for UIC Italian students.”

Teodora  |  Italian Peer Tutor
Valentina, Italian Peer Tutor

“Coming to the United States I noticed a lot of my peers struggling with finding the best approach when it comes to learning a foreign language and I am happy to have the opportunity to show UIC students some different techniques and approaches to mastering Italian.”

Valentina  |  Italian Peer Tutor