German Tutors

Fall 2020 German Tutors

Evan, German Peer Tutor

I am a transfer student and Sociology major in my senior year. I have been studying German formally and informally for about four years. I live on my own and support myself while in school. I know how challenging juggling hobbies, jobs, and school can be, so I’m focused on fostering an environment that’s stress-free and conducive to learning. In my free time, I enjoy learning about history, psychology, anthropology, and linguistics among many other things. I know German can seem like a challenge, but I absolutely love it and have a passion for the language and the culture. So I’m here to support you on your linguistic journey!

Evan  |  German Peer Tutor
Jordan, German Peer Tutor

I am double majoring in Business (Marketing) and Germanic Studies. I am from Wisconsin, I live on campus and have been studying German for about 9 years. I strengthened my German a lot by participating in an exchange in high school where we spent a lot of our time in Fulda, a town near Frankfurt, Germany. Study abroad caused me to speak German constantly and really grasp the language even more. Outside of German I am interested in Music and the Arts. I really look forward to sharing my tips on how to be a successful German speaker.

Jordan  |  German Peer Tutor

Our Former German Tutors

Kelsi, German Peer Tutor

“German is a huge part of my life. I was lucky enough to learn German while studying in Austria in high school. Thanks to that year, I have a deep love and respect for the German-speaking cultures and for the complexities of the language. I want to spread this appreciation for German to the best of my ability while tutoring here at UIC.

Kelsi  |  German Peer Tutor
Gabriela, German Peer Tutor

I’m a Biology major. I would love to pass my passion and dedication for German on to other UIC students. I want to focus on helping other students that have different learning methods. After high school I took a gap year and lived in Germany, as an exchange student, where I became fascinated with the culture and the language.”

Gabriela  |  German Peer Tutor
Lily, German Peer Tutor

“I started at UIC with a major in Biological Sciences, and to fulfill my LAS language requirement, I took German. I fell in love with it within the first week of German 101, and by German 102, I was a Germanic Studies major. My main goal of being a tutor is to share my passion about German.

Lily  |  German Peer Tutor
Karen, German Peer Tutor

“It is important to me to help other students like me that are in a place where I once was. I am very interested in helping students achieve their goals to succeed in German courses and to continue their studies at UIC.”

Karen  |  German Peer Tutor