German Tutors

Fall 2020 German Tutors

Evan, German Peer Tutor

I am a transfer student and Sociology major in my senior year. I have been studying German formally and informally for about four years. I live on my own and support myself while in school. I know how challenging juggling hobbies, jobs, and school can be, so I’m focused on fostering an environment that’s stress-free and conducive to learning. In my free time, I enjoy learning about history, psychology, anthropology, and linguistics among many other things. I know German can seem like a challenge, but I absolutely love it and have a passion for the language and the culture. So I’m here to support you on your linguistic journey!

Evan  |  German Peer Tutor
Ivana, German Peer Tutor

“I am majoring in Computer Science and this is my senior year. I love my major, and I am also interested in German. I love its grammar and I enjoy speaking it. Like all of you, I am also learning new vocab and/or new grammar every day, so I also know how tough or scary new language classes can be, but tutoring can be very helpful. Anytime you need help, don’t hesitate to come to the tutoring sessions and ask any questions! We are here to help!”

Ivana  |  German Peer Tutor
Jordan, German Peer Tutor

I am double majoring in Business (Marketing) and Germanic Studies. I am from Wisconsin, I live on campus and have been studying German for about 9 years. I strengthened my German a lot by participating in an exchange in high school where we spent a lot of our time in Fulda, a town near Frankfurt, Germany. Study abroad caused me to speak German constantly and really grasp the language even more. Outside of German I am interested in Music and the Arts. I really look forward to sharing my tips on how to be a successful German speaker.

Jordan  |  German Peer Tutor
Nate, German Peer Tutor

“I am a student in the Teaching of History Program, in my third year here at UIC. I am also minoring in anthropology as well as German. I began to learn German in high school but did not finish with German 104 until my first semester here. In my personal experience, I have always grown in my language abilities after a tutoring session and I would absolutely love to help other peers succeed in the way I have.”

Nate  |  German Peer Tutor

Our Former German Tutors

Gabriela, German Peer Tutor

I’m a Biology major. I would love to pass my passion and dedication for German on to other UIC students. I want to focus on helping other students that have different learning methods. After high school I took a gap year and lived in Germany, as an exchange student, where I became fascinated with the culture and the language.”

Gabriela  |  German Peer Tutor
Karen, German Peer Tutor

“It is important to me to help other students like me that are in a place where I once was. I am very interested in helping students achieve their goals to succeed in German courses and to continue their studies at UIC.”

Karen  |  German Peer Tutor
Kelsi, German Peer Tutor

“German is a huge part of my life. I was lucky enough to learn German while studying in Austria in high school. Thanks to that year, I have a deep love and respect for the German-speaking cultures and for the complexities of the language. I want to spread this appreciation for German to the best of my ability while tutoring here at UIC.

Kelsi  |  German Peer Tutor
Lily, German Peer Tutor

“I started at UIC with a major in Biological Sciences, and to fulfill my LAS language requirement, I took German. I fell in love with it within the first week of German 101, and by German 102, I was a Germanic Studies major. My main goal of being a tutor is to share my passion about German.

Lily  |  German Peer Tutor