Become a Tutor

See what inspired other students to become LCLC peer tutors:

YOU will be a great language tutor at UIC if...

… you love learning about language and culture in French, German, Italian, or Spanish

…you have ideas and strategies for succeeding in 100-level language classes at UIC

….you want to share your passion with your fellow UIC language students

…you know that tutoring will help you build life and job skills

Ring a bell? Click on a link below to apply to be a language tutor in French, German, Italian, or Spanish.

See below for how to become a peer tutor.


How to become a peer tutor:

1) Take the Peer tutoring apprenticeship class.  This one-credit training course is offered every semester: you must apply here to be approved to register for the course.

PREREQUISITE: Undergraduate at UIC with any major who has completed a 104 or higher French, German, Italian, or Spanish at UIC with a grade of B or above OR transfer student who has completed one 200-level course or above at UIC with a grade of B or above.  More information about the class is available on the application form.


 2) After completing the Peer tutoring apprenticeship class, students are eligible to apply to be paid tutors, to do an internship for 1-3 UIC credits, or to become a volunteer tutor.

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