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3.2.2020 – The Importance of Being Fluent in Language(s)


Learning a  language can be fun, interesting and it sure can connect you to different places and cultures from other parts of the world. But most importantly, learning and becoming fluent in another language can create great benefits for you once you are in a professional setting and join the workforce. 

During the winter break,  I started a job as a cashier in a retail store. One of my coworkers was having some trouble trying to communicate with one of her customers who didn’t seem to understand any English. The manager jumped in to try to help and eventually called me to be the intermediary and translate for the customer because she knew I am fluent in English and in Spanish. It was the first time I had put my Spanish to work in this specific work setting, so I was a bit nervous about not finding the correct translation for certain words. But as I got going, I felt more and more confident. The look of relief on the Spanish-speaking customer’s face of knowing someone was able to help her communicate her concerns made me feel better. When we were done, she expressed her gratitude along with a huge smile.

More and more jobs are seeking employees who are fluent in a second language, as this creates a more diverse-friendly environment for everyone. Plus, speaking another language fluently could get you good chances of being accepted for a specific job. When learning a new language it is great to think about not only discovering an entirely new culture, but also about how that language can help you in the long run and eventually your professional life.  Keeping these advantages in mind will definitely encourage you to keep studying a language.

– Valeria