Interactive timelines – no dates required!

Hstry ( is an easy-to-use tool for creating interactive timelines. Unlike other timeline tools that use dates to organize events, Hstry doesn’t require or even use dates. This means that you can use Hstry to have students summarize and retell events from a novel or a film in their own words, to write stories using course vocabulary, or to create self-presentations. Additionally, you can post any media (text, audio clips, YouTube videos, pictures, etc.) in a timeline. There is also an option to include small quiz tiles with ungraded multiple choice questions that allow you to give instant feedback and check comprehension, and “Did you know” pauses for supplementary information.
Hstry allows for sign-in via UIC Google Apps and has step-by-step instructions for everything including setting up the timeline and
account management that anyone – instructor or student – can follow.
With Hstry, you have multiple options for sharing with your students. You can create and manage a class in Hstry where you can post class timelines you create and have your students, who must create a Hstry account, post their timelines. Alternatively, Hstry timelines can be shared through a link or embedded into most areas of Blackboard, which does not require students to create an account.