Online Informal Learning of Language

Research: Online Informal Learning of Language: Time Lost or Learning Gained?

Foreign/Second Language Teachers' Views on Learning a Language through Exposure to Informal Online Resources

Learning another language in online informal environments (i.e.: watching movies, shows, videos, reading the Web, using social media in L2, etc.) is receiving increasingly more attention, yet opinions on the effectiveness of learning with such resources are divided. Some language educators find them invaluable, some argue that they are messy, unstructured, and may create more harm than good unless modified towards controlled educational purposes.

What is your opinion as a foreign/second language educator? Do you think such resources are helpful in learning a language or they create more chaos than support? Are such resources useful at any level? Can people learn a language exclusively through exposure to such informal resources? And finally, can such resources be used in the classroom and if so, in what ways?

Please share your opinion in this 20-30 minute questionnaire on the educators’ perceptions of the pedagogical value of informal resources in L2 available on the Internet.

Take a part in the research study!

Are you a second or foreign language instructor or teacher? Have you used or thought of using online informal resources in the target language like movies, songs, videos, blogs, vlogs, games, or websites? Do you think these resources are useful for learning a language in its original form or perhaps only when adopted for educational purposes?

Please share your opinion in this questionnaire and share if with other language educators who can share theirs. As we move more than ever before to online worlds, your opinion is extremely valuable and timely!