Mission Statement

What we do:

The mission of the Language and Culture Learning Center (LCLC) is to enhance language, literature, and culture learning and teaching in UIC’s School of Literatures, Cultural Studies and Linguistics.

  • Hosting language-related cultural events open to the UIC community: see our events calendar.
  • Collaborating with LCSL faculty and graduate students: to find and integrate appropriate instructional technologies into their curricula and classes.
  • Leading teaching with technology workshops for LSCL faculty and graduate students: our focus is on technology that engages and inspires both instructors and students
  • Researching ideas: for teaching language, literature, and culture using technology.

The LCLC helps enrich the UIC community’s experience of foreign languages, literatures, and cultures by:


The LCLC helps LCSL faculty and graduate students:

  1. Envision computer applications for specific courses;
  2. Articulate and develop feasible projects;
  3. Integrate the completed projects in the courses and curricula.

These goals are accomplished through:

  • technology workshops for faculty, lecturers, and TAs presenting examples of effective multi-media materials and hands-on development components;
  • one-on-one meetings with the LCLC technology and instructional design support staff;
  • guest speakers from state-of-the-art language centers across the country who present their initiatives and successes to the UIC community;
  • co-sponsoring and hosting the Chicago Language Symposium, which focuses on best practices for teaching and learning foreign language, literature, culture, and linguistics.