Faculty and Staff

Elizabeth Dolly Weber, Ph.D. : Director<br/>Clinical Associate Professor of French, Department of French and Francophone Studies

Elizabeth Dolly Weber, Ph.D.


Clinical Associate Professor of French, Department of French and Francophone Studies

Dr. Weber has been directing the LCLC since 2010.  In addition to working with faculty and graduate students to help find the appropriate technology for each situation, her particular interest is in projects that provide opportunities for student choice, creativity, and collaboration in and beyond the classroom: mapping for language, literature,and culture classes; wikis for writing and note-taking; blogs to foster interest and engagement.  She is also Language Program Director for the French Basic Language Program in the Department of French and Francophone Studies.

Iwona B. Lech : Digital Humanities Postdoc

Iwona B. Lech


Digital Humanities Postdoc

Iwona holds her Ph.D. in Educational Psychology and M.A. in Germanic Studies. She also has a graduate certificate in Distance Education and is an ACTFL OPI certified tester in Polish. She has been teaching German, Polish, Humanities, and Educational Psychology in person and online, leading workshops on blended and online teaching, and developing online and blended courses. Her current research interests evolve around technology use in language instruction, informal online learning of languages, positive psychology in education and in SLA, usage-based models of language learning, and mixed research methodologies.

Bernadette Wilczek : Research Asistant

Bernadette Wilczek

Research Asistant

Bernadette is pursuing a PhD in Polish Literature and Culture. She is interested in applying new critical approaches to the 20th century Polish short story across languages and national borders to reveal universal tropes and political discourses in Polish literature. In her spare time, Bernadette likes to snowboard and embark on spontaneous adventures.

Lisa James : Research Asistant

Lisa James

Research Asistant

Lisa James is a PhD candidate in Spanish literature. She has taught Spanish for several years at UIC and has been involved in tutoring and extracurricular activities, like Spanish Conversation Hour. She loves teaching using literature and visual art. She hopes to defend her dissertation in the Spring.

Brian Zdancewicz : Research Asistant

Brian Zdancewicz

Research Asistant

Brian Zdancewicz is working on an MA in UIC’s Department of Slavic and Baltic Languages and Literatures. He is interested in comparative and historical linguistics, linguistic typology, Eastern European languages and cultures, experimental and avant-garde music and visual art, as well as exploring different perspectives from which to perceive art, language, meaning, reality, and human experience. Brian also spends time producing abstract drawings, listening to history podcasts, and pursuing a variety of musical projects.

Matt Rivera : Research Assistant

Matt Rivera

Research Assistant

I have taught ESL on and off for the past 12 years. First in Granada, Spain, then in New York City, and most recently in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I am currently pursuing an MA in Linguistics/TESOL at UIC. I am interested in adult second language acquisition as well as materials design. In my free time I teach myself piano and spend too much money on jazz, soul, and Latin vinyl records from the 60s, 70s, & 80s.