Faculty and Staff

Elizabeth Dolly Weber, Ph.D. : Director<br/>Clinical Associate Professor of French, Department of French and Francophone Studies

Elizabeth Dolly Weber, Ph.D.


Clinical Associate Professor of French, Department of French and Francophone Studies

Dr. Weber has been directing the LCLC since 2010.  In addition to working with faculty and graduate students to help find the appropriate technology for each situation, her particular interest is in projects that provide opportunities for student choice, creativity, and collaboration in and beyond the classroom: mapping for language, literature,and culture classes; wikis for writing and note-taking; blogs to foster interest and engagement.  She is also Language Program Director for the French Basic Language Program in the Department of French and Francophone Studies.

Abigail Stahl : Digital Humanities Postdoc

Abigail Stahl


Digital Humanities Postdoc

In addition to working with instructors to identify and incorporate suitable technology in their classes, I am interested in the pedagogical uses of mainstream technology and digital humanities research tools. I am currently working on a research project that explores the effectiveness of text mining tools commonly used in digital humanities research as a means to help foreign language learners improve their writing skills.

Matt Rivera : Research Assistant

Matt Rivera

Research Assistant

I have taught ESL on and off for the past 12 years. First in Granada, Spain, then in New York City, and most recently in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I am currently pursuing an MA in Linguistics/TESOL at UIC. I am interested in adult second language acquisition as well as materials design. In my free time I teach myself piano and spend too much money on jazz, soul, and Latin vinyl records from the 60s, 70s, & 80s.

Shem Dado : Research Assistant

Shem Dado

Research Assistant

After completing my BA in Germanic Studies, I decided to also pursue an MA in the same field at UIC. Since I am passionate about video games and technology in general, I am eager to learn more about the pedagogical potential of both in language learning as well as the role that technology can play in preserving text.

Lucas Plazek : Research Assistant

Lucas Plazek

Research Assistant

Having completed my BA in Art History and History at Ohio Wesleyan University, I am currently pursuing my MA in Russian Literature at UIC. After spending time teaching English while in Russia, I am excited to work with valuable language technologies in the classroom that aid language acquisition. I am interested in the relationship between verbal and visual language and how that might be affected in language learning. Personally, I love to go to the cinema, play Tetris, watch basketball, and drink tea.

Catherine Vlahos : Research Assistant

Catherine Vlahos

Research Assistant

After tutoring EFL students and completing a BA in Writing, I decided to pursue an MA in TESOL at UIC. I am passionate about technology and how it can be used in classrooms, and I would like to develop an educational EFL video game one day.