Emoji for class discussion

Emoji can be a great way to get students to express things they may not immediately have the words for. For example, you could ask students to read a news article in German on the Syrian refugee situation and summarize their reaction. When their response is this 😞 😢 ✌️, you would then ask them to explain out loud or to a partner why they chose these symbols – for example, I’m frustrated by the situation; I am sad/heartbroken for the refugees; I want peace. Or, as an introduction to a vocabulary lesson on adjectives, you could show students an image of a couple sitting in a cafe and ask them to pick two emoji to represent how each person feels, then draw these emoji on the board. Using student emoji you can present vocabulary like “sad,” “in love,” “angry,” “tired,” etc.
Students can find emoji in their phone’s note taking app, email program, or text messaging app. Or if you’d prefer students not use their phones, you can pick and project a small list of emoji from websites like http://emojipedia.org/ or http://www.piliapp.com/emoji/list/.