Plickers ( is a real-time polling and quiz tool that doesn’t require students to use mobile devices. Like the popular tools Socrative, Poll Anywhere, and Kahoot, Plickers lets you create and display multiple choice questions to the whole class and have students respond individually. These tools are great for things like gauging student opinions as an introduction to discussion or doing quick comprehension checks of a grammar point or vocabulary lesson. Unlike other tools, however, with Plickers only one mobile device is needed – the teacher’s – as students respond by holding up paper answer cards (printable from the Plickers website) that are scanned in the same way you would take a picture and their answers are instantly fed into Plickers for the class to see.
Watch this short video to learn more:
Want to give Plickers a try but don’t have a mobile device or don’t want to bring yours with you? The LCLC has Plickers-compatible tablets that we can lend you!