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Free online image-editing tool

Pixlr, a free image-editing tool, is a great way to engage students by having them create and contextualize images in literature, culture, and language classes at all levels from BLP to graduate. Student projects might include modifying images to represent main characters in texts or films. How about a “Pinterest” page for Don Quixote? An illustrated family tree for the Buendia Family (100 Years of Solitude) or the illustrated diary of Gregor Samsa’s very bad day?

The free Pixlr editor ( includes all the basic functions of expensive Adobe Photoshop. You/your students can easily crop, recolor, add and remove text, and otherwise editing existing images–or draw your own.

Make your own online avatar

Are you worried that online learning tools make you seem too distant from your students? Are you afraid your emails are being overlooked? The solution: use an avatar. Avatars are small images that appear along with your name on many email, blog, and social media platforms. Even Blackboard now allows for the use of avatars! While any image can be an avatar, to truly set yourself apart and create an online presence you can easily design a free avatar that looks like you with sites like DoppelMePicassoHead, or PickaFace.

Free tool for making infographics and posters

Piktochart ( is a free online tool that lets you easily create posters and infographics online. You can choose from a library of templates or design your own using the built-in library of icons, pictures, and backgrounds. Great for livening up student presentations in any class!

Warum ich lerne Deutsch                 NYC vs. Chicago
Examples of Student Work

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