Monthly archives: September, 2015

Free Chrome extension for annotating websites

scrible ( is a free extension for Chrome that lets you highlight and add notes to websites. When you activate the extension on a page you want to mark up, a small, easy-to-use toolbar appears at the top or bottom of your screen. You can print your annotations, share them by Facebook or email, or save them by creating a free account. With an account you can also create and curate a library of websites and annotations accessible anytime from any computer via their website.

Learn vocab while you chat online

WaitChatter is a new app for Google Chrome developed at MIT that allows users to engage in vocabulary building while they chat. After users send a message, they are given basic vocabulary exercises to complete while they wait for a response. Users can review their past exercises and track their progress. Currently available only in Spanish and French, WaitChatter hopes to add new languages soon.

Learn more and download at

Online pronunciation database

“All the words in the world. Pronounced” – Forvo

Forvo is a website offering a huge database of word pronunciations in most every language from all over the world. All languages taught in the LCSL are represented on Forvo, including Korean, Protuguese, Russian, Arabic, Latin, and Greek! Instead of wading through a recording of a dialogue or whole vocab list commonly used in textbooks, with Forvo, you can listen to individual words and expressions at their own pace. Simply search for the word you’re looking for, pick your language and listen. You can also contribute to the project by pronouncing words in your native language.

A word that’s tricky in many languages… squirrel. In English, German, Greek, Italian, Lithuanian, PolishSpanish.