Monthly archives: May, 2015

Free dictionary add-ons for Google Chrome

When students read and write online, they use dictionaries. Switching between websites wastes time and breaks concentration, hampering reading comprehension and coherent writing. Here are two tips on how to optimize students’ online experience (and your own!) using extensions in Google Chrome.

– Use the Google Dictionary extension to translate foreign words or define English words. Watch this short video created by Dr. Susanne Rott to learn more: Click here for the tutorial.

– Use the WordReference extension to have a detailed multi-lingual dictionary and verb conjugator anytime you need it without having to leave the page you’re on. Great for reading and writing online: Word Reference extension.

Welcome to our new blog!

Welcome to the LCLC blog! We’ll be sharing new technologies, ideas, and insights related to teaching language, literature, linguistics, and culture.

If you’d like to write a post on the LCLC blog or have a suggestion for materials for us to explore and report on, contact us!