Weebly in a 200-level Polish Class

Anna Szawara

Anna Szawara is a Lecturer of Polish & the Basic Language Program Coordinator for Polish and Russian.

The Goal: To provide students with an introduction to new technology and to facilitate regular interaction with online resources and authentic
materials.  Students also worked on developing their presentation, editing and writing skills during the project.

The Tool: Weebly (a free online tool to easily create websites)

The Assignment: Students were instructed to create an Electronic Language Portfolio (ELP), cataloguing a selection of their work throughout the semester. They did so by building personalized websites, adding content and ultimately publishing their sites. They also engaged in peer-review and editing and reflected on the project and their language progress.

The Outcome: Students were very receptive to this project and responded positively in their end-of-term reflections, noting that they enjoyed learning a new skill, displaying their work and being creative with the website and its content. I found this to be a good reflective project as well as a more authentic way of assessing various level of language learners and their progress. Additionally, the added element of interdisciplinary skills (building websites, proofreading skills) was an added benefit to the students.

Weebly post

Weebly vocabulary

To see more, visit the sample Weebly page from this course

Note: Weebly is a public site. If you prefer not to have student work be public, the LCLC can show you some options.