Voice Board in a 300-level Italian class

Dr. Chiara Fabbian

Dr. Chiara Fabbian is Clinical Associate Professor of Italian &
Director of the Italian Language Program.


The Goal: This project had several goals. First, I wanted to provide students with an opportunity to practice their analytic skills. Second, I wanted them to practice using useful language – vocabulary and structures used to support opinion – that they will need to use in writing in future assignments.

The Tool: Voice Board (a Blackboard tool)

The Assignment: After having discussed the novel in class and in other assignments, students were asked to read a review of the novel and explain whether they agreed with it. They needed to support their viewpoint by making specific references to the text and the opinions of their classmates from previous class discussions. Students were also given a list of useful expressions like “I believe that…,” “For example…,” “I would add that,” “To conclude…,” etc.

The Outcome: The opportunity to edit contributions and the elimination of the time pressure resulted in reduced anxiety and, therefore, improved output in terms of quantity and quality. Students also benefited from the additional practicing of their oral skills and were better prepared for class discussion.

Play the audio above to hear an example from this assignment.