Reserving the Language Oasis

Faculty and students are welcome to host events with a language learning or cultural component in the Language Oasis (Grant Hall 308)!

All daytime events must be open to the University public. The doors must remain open, and students already present or who wander in are welcome to participate in your event or quietly study without participating in your event. The Oasis is not a private party room.

To reserve the Oasis, please email Include the desired date and time for your event in your email.

Room capacity: 30 seated or 50 standing people. 50 people makes for a tightly packed room with limited view if there is a presentation.

Available equipment: projector (with laptop and speakers) and screen; streaming video and audio. Please include your request for this equipment in your reservation.

Furniture: 7 small tables, 30 stackable chairs, 8 soft chairs, 2 long tables.

Clean-up: Users should tidy the room and return furniture it to its usual position when the event is over.

Food and drink are permitted. Please be courteous and always clean up after yourself/the other people attending your event! Conversation Hours and Film Series are welcome to use the LCSL Coffee Cart with advance arrangement.