Equipment for Instructors

The LCLC provides certain equipment to LCSL instructors (faculty and graduate students) for in-class use. Equipment must be requested 24 hours in advance by completing the request form below (for camcorders) or emailing (for all other equipment). All instructors  must provide an iCard and a return date to check out equipment.

If you are looking for equipment not listed here or to borrow equipment for a longer term, the ACCC may be able to help.


  • Class Headphone Sets – 24 USB headsets with attached microphone
    • Headsets are for class use ONLY.
    • They must all be returned promptly at the end of the class period.
    • The professor is responsible for picking up and returning all headsets.
    • Headsets will not be given to or accepted from TAs without prior arrangement.
    • Here is a guide providing help configuring the playback/recording device in Windows 7.
  • Digital Voice Recorders – 6 digital voice recorders (DVRs)
    • All recorders require AAA batteries (1-2) which must be provided by the user.


  • Point-And-Shoot Digital Cameras (2)
  • High-Definition Video Recorders (2) and Digital Video Recorders (3)
    • Camcorders come with the following components, which all must be returned and functional:
      • Camcorder & attached battery
      • Case & shoulder strap
      • Power cable
      • A/V cable and/or USB cable
    • These items are available as needed:
      • DV-DV cable
      • DV-Firewire cable
      • Remote control
      • Tripod
      • Microphone (corded or wireless lapel)
    • To reserve a camcorder, please complete the request form here.


  • iPods – 10  video capable iPod Classics (80GB)

The LCLC can provide general instruction in the use of all of our equipment and supply you with user manuals for more detailed questions.

If you have questions about any of our equipment before or after reserving, please contact us.